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dig dig Qubell is a main unlocking system of jubeat Qubell. Player earns dig points (dp.) from playing each TUNE. After all TUNEs in each credit were played, dig points would be consumed to dig QUBEs. REWARDS, such as music, title or BONUS TUNE POINT could be got from a certain QUBE.

There were Permanent QUBE and Special QUBE which available only in a certain period. After all STAGEs of selected QUBE were cleared, that QUBE could not be chosen anymore.


There are mainly 3 types of QUBE:

  • ordinary QUBE that need dig points, specifically 100 dp., for digging through it,
  • black QUBE with a hole that need a luminous KEY QUBE for cracking it and
  • yellow UNLOCK CHALLENGE QUBE that player must clear UNLOCK CHALLENGE to break it.
Various types of QUBE in dig dig Qubell
QUBE that consumes dig points
Emerald Garnet
Qube eme 1 0 Qube eme 2 0 Qube eme 3 0 Qube eme 4 0 Qube gnt 0 0
STAGE 1~4 STAGE 5~8 STAGE 9~12 STAGE Eternal All STAGEs
Special QUBE
Qube akhuta 1 Qube akhuta 2 Qube akhuta 3 Qube umaru Qube newgame
Fables of Akhuta -伸びゆく枝の先に-
Qube meteor Qube nekotaiju Qube summerdig Qube ddr Qube gitadora
夏のニュージェネ流星フェスタ2016 猫大樹 夏のパーリーピーポー 2016 Summer dig dig 祭 DanceDance
Qube iidx Qube popn Qube reflec beat Qube final dig Qube kenshiyonezu hachi
beatmania IIDX pop'n music REFLEC BEAT 掘りすぎ dig RUSH FINAL 米津玄師 / ハチ × BEMANI
Qube babylonia 1 Qube babylonia 2 Qube babylonia 3 Qube valanga
STAGE 1~3 STAGE 4~6 STAGE 7~9 Valanga
遠い記憶の旅人たち ~バビロニア~
QUBE that doesn't comsume dig points
Qube keyhole To break this black QUBE, a luminous KEY QUBE is needed. KEY QUBE may be given at the beginning of the STAGE or can be found somewhere in the STAGE. Each KEY QUBE comes with a condition to make it become luminous. Note that an amount of needed luminous KEY QUBE for clearing each STAGE will be different. Also, you don't have to make all KEY QUBEs in a STAGE become luminous to clear the STAGE.
  • Norma qube 0 means that there is a KEY QUBE still hidden somewhere in the STAGE.
  • Norma qube 1 means that the KEY QUBE is ready to become luminous. Just achieve a condition to make it luminous.
  • Norma qube 2 means that the KEY QUBE can be used to break a black QUBE in that STAGE when all ordinary QUBEs are gone.
Qube unlock When this yellow QUBE is reached, UNLOCK CHALLENGE category will be able to choose from the Category SELECT screen. By clearing the repertoire and achieve the condition shown before entering the challenge, the big yellow QUBE will be broken and that STAGE will be cleared.
Qube risky unlock This QUBE appeared only in 掘りすぎ dig RUSH FINAL QUBE. It can be considered as a more difficult version of UNLOCK CHALLENGE. For more details, please see 掘りすぎ dig RUSH FINAL page.

dig points

To completely break an ordinary QUBE, 100 dp. is needed. dig points can be earned from playing TUNE. The table below shows dp. obtained in the RESULT screen from each criteria.

List of criteria for obtaining dp. from each TUNE
Criteria Obtained dp.
LEVEL×RATING See table below
MATCHING 30 dp. / 1 MATCHING partner
Today's Recommended music 0.5 × (LEVEL×RATING + FULL COMBO)
Otherwise: 0.2 × LEVEL×RATING
BONUS TUNE 100 dp.
EDIT 30 dp.
EMBLEM Some extra dp. will be earned when EMBLEM of player or MATCHING partner contains one or more part of ★★★ rarity.
コレスキ? 30 dp.
Sあつめ See details below

After the RESULT screen, obtained dig points will be filled into a TOTAL dig points gauge. Note that each QUBE has its own gauge of dig points. That is, dig points obtained from playing TUNE in currently-chosen QUBE cannot be used to dig another QUBE. As the exact amount of dp. needed to fill a gauge completely for 1 time is not shown, one can assume that about 565 dp. is needed to fill a gauge completely for 1 time.

When all ordinary QUBEs in the stage were gone and there is dig points still in the gauge, it can be used in the NEXT STAGE of that QUBE only.


This table lists dp. obtained from playing each TUNE which depends on the RESULT of a play.

Obtained dp. for LEVEL×RATING criteria
1 64 96 128 144 160 192 208 240 272
2 68 102 136 153 170 204 221 255 289
3 72 108 144 162 180 216 234 270 306
4 76 114 152 171 190 228 247 285 323
5 80 120 160 180 200 240 260 300 340
6 84 126 168 189 210 252 273 315 357
7 88 132 176 198 220 264 286 330 374
8 92 138 184 207 230 276 299 345 391
9 96 144 192 216 240 288 312 360 408
10 100 150 200 225 250 300 325 375 425


When a target song is played, dp. will be earned according to RATING player gets. Player gets dp. for every S appeared in RATING as shown in the following table.

S# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
dp. 150 70 40 50 30 15 20 15 10

Player can get at most 9 S for each song as there is 3 difficulties available in each song and 3 S can be obtained at most from each difficulty. Note that, player does not earn dp. from an S that have been already achieved. For example, when player gets RATING SS from playing a certain song, some dp. is earned for these 2 S. One must clear this song with RATING SSS or above to earn dp. from the last S.



A number of luminous KEY QUBE needed more to clear a STAGE is shown in a red circle.

When KEY QUBE is found in the STAGE, it will be luminous when the condition is achieved. There are 2 main types of conditions:

  • A condition that requires player to clear song(s) under the given conditions. When a condition of this type is achieved after a KEY QUBE was found, it will be luminous. That is, only results from clearing songs after the discovery of KEY QUBE will fulfill the condition.
  • A condition that requires a total amount of songs cleared with given conditions. That is, all clearings prior to and after the discovery of KEY QUBE will have a contribution to condition fulfilling. If a condition is met when the KEY QUBE was discovered, it will be luminous immediately after 1st TUNE in the next credit.

As mentioned earlier, player does not need to make all KEY QUBEs in each STAGE become luminous to clear a STAGE. When some KEY QUBE become luminous as shown in the screen after RESULTS screen, a number of more needed luminous KEY QUBE to clear a STAGE will be shown.



UNLOCK CHALLENGE whose MORE condition is not achieved will still available in UNLOCK CHALLENGE category until it is cleared with MORE condition.

When only a yellow QUBE left in the STAGE, UNLOCK CHALLENGE category will be accessible from the Category SELECT screen. When the condition is achieved, UNLOCK CHALLENGE QUBE will be dug and the STAGE is cleared.

In Emerald, MORE condition is also given. It does not to be achieved for UNLOCK CHALLENGE QUBE to be broken. Only normal condition is needed. However, STAGE 13 can be cleared only if MORE condition of all UNLOCK CHALLENGE in Emerald is satisfied. For UNLOCK CHALLENGE whose MORE condition haven't been achieved yet, they can be accessed from Category SELECT screen on 1st TUNE until it is cleared with MORE condition.

For clearing conditions and list songs in repertoire of UNLOCK CHALLENGE in each STAGE, please see a page of each QUBE.

dig dig Qubell
Default QUBE EmeraldGarnet
Special QUBE Fables of Akhuta -伸びゆく枝の先に-干物妹!うまるちゃん
NEW GAME!夏のニュージェネ流星フェスタ2016
猫大樹 夏のパーリーピーポー2016 Summer dig dig 祭
遠い記憶の旅人たち ~バビロニア~米津玄師 / ハチ × BEMANI
掘りすぎ dig RUSH DanceDanceRevolutionGITADORAbeatmania IIDX
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