jubeat clan is the 9th version of jubeat, 4x4 panels rhythm game.

  • It was launched on July 26th, 2017 after jubeat Qubell.
  • Based on all players results, LEVEL of most songs has been changed since the launch date of jubeat clan. For a complete list of these changes, please see this page.
  • Player can choose whether or not they want to enter LOCAL MATCHING waiting screen.
  • Folder achievement has been added. Player can see if they get achievements (NO GRAY, FULL COMBO, ALL YELLOW, EXCELLENT) for all charts in each folder or not. Also, OMIYAGE will be earned when achievements have been completed for all charts in each folder.
  • Artists folders (アーティスト) have been added. Player can browse for songs of your desired artists. Note that not all artists will have their own folders.
  • Version folders (バージョン) have been added. As earlier, we can only sort songs list by version only.
  • ゆびベル (jubibell) have been introduced. By pressing panels in a pattern during ONLINE MATCHING screen, character and sound corresponding to the pattern will be shown on your screen and all of your MATCHING partners screen. ゆびベル must be enabled by OMIYAGE trading in SHOP, daily bonus or 街対抗戦 event.
  • MATCHING Conduction is still available. But in jubeat clan, MATCHING can occur although all players in each session doesn't play the same song. So player can unlock at most 3 eligible songs in each TUNE. List of all eligible songs for MATCHING Conduction is given in this page.
  • SHOP is a main unlocking system in jubeat clan. Player can trade OMIYAGE for songs, titles, ゆびベル in available SHOPs. OMIYAGE can be obtained in various ways such as MATCHING, Monthly daily bonus etc. For more information, please see OMIYAGE and SHOP page.
  • BONUS TUNE POINTS obtained from MATCHING have been decreased. Player get 10 ten for each MATCHING partner instead of 20 pt before.
  • NOBOLOT was added on November, 28th 2017. It works like UNLOCK CHALLENGE in jubeat Qubell. After clearing selected course for the first time, REWARDS (such as OMIYAGE, title, song) will be given to player.
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