OMIYAGEチャレンジ (OMIYAGE Challenge) is the series of interlocking events between jubeat and other BEMANI models. By playing both target models in each event, songs will be unlocked in each model.


From March 22nd, 2018 until 29:00 of April 18th, 2018, both jubeat OMIYAGEチャレンジ and GITADORA OMIYAGEチャレンジ will be held simultaneously.

jubeat OMIYAGEチャレンジ

When GITADORA Matixx is played with e-AMUSEMENT PASS during held period, ベアフィギュア (bear figure) will be acquired. After two figures are obtained, playing jubeat clan during a period will unlock ミカヅキ:コネクト for player.

Song that can be unlocked from jubeat OMIYAGEチャレンジ
Title Artists LEVEL
jubeat OMIYAGEチャレンジ 第1弾
(From March 22nd, 2018 10:00 until April 18th, 2018 29:00)
ミカヅキ:コネクト Hold かゆき 4 7 9


When jubeat clan is played with e-AMUSEMENT PASS during held period, スミスピンバッチ (Smith pinbatch) will be acquired. By playing GITADORA Matixx after two pinbatches are obtained, レゾンデートル、前線より will be unlocked in GITADORA Matixx.

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